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Featured Videos

Michigan Election Audit Debrief: Captain Seth Keshel

Republicans Told They Already Voted In California Recall Election

Matt Deperno on Wendy Bell Radio

Representative Carra is preparing a bill for a FULL FORENSIC AUDIT IN THE ENTIRE STATE OF MICHIGAN!


Computer Programmer Testifies He Was Hired To Rig Elections

Wendy Rogers, Arizona State Senator

Even the Democrats know the Election Machines are easily hackable and faulty!

Lawyer Matthew DePerno interviewed by Steve Bannon verifying that remote users were
logged into the voting machines during the 2020 Presidential Election –

Joe Oltman – Exposing the Dominion Election Machines

Tina Peters – Elected Official whose office was raided by Colorado Secretary of State

Captain Seth Keshel on Bannon – more and more Proof!

Mr Mike Lindell with Dinesh D’Souza Election Fraud and the Dominion Lawsuit against him – Free Speech under attack!!

Colonel Phil Waldron – Presentation about the people laboring to Destroy America – Very Very Good Presentation

Dr Frank explaining why they didn’t release all the info at the Cyber Symposium

Steve Bannon and Law Professor David Clements Rallying the Troops! Very Inspiring!!

Seth Keshel at Cyber Symposium explaining how certain it is that the Election was Fraud. Period.


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