We are involved with various state and federal elected officials. We have running dialog from Washington DC to Main Street USA that we will be sharing over the days and weeks, so check back often for updates and when you sign the petition you will be automatically added to our newsletter – we will email out our newsletter on a regular basis. Once we have hundreds of thousands of petitions signed we are going to our state and federal governments to show them the “will of the people” and a formal full forensic election audit will begin (at least within our coalition: Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota). We are in communication with people running the Arizona election audit and others as we move forward.

The path to an audit varies in each state but in each state we are going to create a voice by having 1 Million plus nonpartisan petitions signed to show all our elected officials that this is the will of the free American people.

As your state representatives and senators sign the petition we will notify you and allow them to publicly acknowledge that they are in fact supporting their constituents in their desire for the audits. You will continue to see updates throughout our websites. We do not directly contribute to any social media. We do not have any social media accounts. If you have been paying attention to the nationwide news outlets you are aware of the controversy that they are causing surrounding this issue. Feel free to share our website and newsletters with your friends and family as you would like. We will not engage with any social media directly so that no misinformation can spread.

If you can share with your friends and family – share on social media or however you communicate with your circle of influence, that would most definitely help! We will continue to communicate with all of you on both on our website and over our newsletters.

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